• Brochure Holders

    Brochure Holders

    Wall & counter brochure holders for A4, A5 & DL brochures.

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  • Wall Displays

    Wall Displays

    Compact brochure system using a wall bar that use minimum space while providing maximum exposure.

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  • Accessories


    All components of the Expandastand system wall bars, base brackets, collars & more available here.

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  • Postcard Holders

    Postcard Holders

    Single, wall system & freestanding postcard holders options here.

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  • Business Card Holders

    Business Card Holders

    Quality Landscape or portrait business card holders here.

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  • Lobby Stands 1450mm

    Lobby Stands 1450mm

    A4 and DL SMALL lobby brochure stands for smaller spaces that need maximum visibility.

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  • Lobby Stands 1800mm

    Lobby Stands 1800mm

    A5, A4 and DL LARGE lobby stands that stand out in large spaces.

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  • Trolleys


    Strong and easy to move, check out our range of A5,A4, DL.

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  • Carousel Black

    Carousel Black

    Choose from 10 popular carousels options.

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  • Carousel Stainless Steel

    Carousel Stainless Steel

    Strong & sturdy brochure carousels that hold up to 72 brochures.

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  • Gold Carousels

    Gold Carousels

    Choose from different popular gold carousels options.

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Expandastand has agents all over Australia that can supply you our range of brochure holders, postcard holders and business card holders.